Requirements for presenters
Чему вы научитесь на мероприятии?
(можно общими словами, а можно детализировать, исходя из тематик)
Information for section moderators and presenters
The leader (moderator) plays the main role at the event (section, round table, master class, Congress). He/she should understand well the topic under discussion, be sociable and have the audience management skills, as well as maintain close contact with the representatives of the Organizing Committee and Program Committee.
Section/Forum moderator
Opens and closes the event, gives the floor to presenters (or discussion participants) and introduces them;

Strictly observes the speaking time limits and shall politely, but persistently hurry up the speaker if his/her time is nearly over or even stop them saying: "Only two minutes left", "Your reporting time is over", etc.;

Controls whether the report is of the advertising nature (presentation of goods or services). If so, the leader shall immediately stop the presenter and withdraw his/her report;

Manages the discussion process during the discussion with special focus on speakers from the audience: they should be reminded to introduce themselves, as well as about the order of questions and comments from the audience ("Please introduce yourself," "What is your question and to whom is it addressed?", "The speech is promotional in nature, please finish your report/comment", etc.);

Reminds presenters to copy and test their presentation on the equipment beforehand;
If the presentation did not provoke any questions or comments from the audience, the leader can ask questions himself/herself to initiate a discussion;

Works closely with the technical expert in the hall (hall administrator), who is responsible for the timely display of presentations and the sound, provides him/her with a pre-set list of websites to be displayed at different times during the event, if required;

Assists the Organizing Committee representatives to contact the speaker the day before the event if it is required to change the order of presentations or increase the time of presentations when certain presenters are absent;

At the end of the event, the leader makes a brief note of the most interesting issues discussed on the topic and suggestions made by the participants. If any other final document is developed based on the event results, members of the Program Committee shall assist in its design and, if necessary, send it to the addresses on behalf of the event participants.
The report topic shall correspond to the subject area of the event. The presenter shall indicate the position in the Event Program, which his/her report corresponds to;

Advertising reports announcing goods or services are not accepted. The leader shall stop such presenters, withdraw their reports and give the floor to the next speaker;
The presenter shall observe the time period approved by the leader (moderator). The leader shall deprive the speakers who violate the time period of the floor;

Presentations are accepted only in Power Point and shall be submitted to the Organizing Committee at least one day prior to the presentation.
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