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Mission of the International Infectious Diseases Forum
combine modern scientific knowledge, technologies and the best medical practices for the treatment of infectious diseases
contribute to the establishment of a single information environment, approval and implementation of national disease treatment standards
provide doctors with wide and quick access to the knowledge about scientific achievements and experience of practitioner colleagues, about pharmaceuticals, technologies and equipment for modern diagnostics and effective treatment
Unique character of the Forum
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Successful combination of the infectious service and other medical fields in the framework of a single platform. Other interdisciplinary dialogs are also planned to be developed at the Forum that will be able to provide a synergetic effect aimed at improving the efficiency of efforts to fight infectious diseases.

Scientific and clinical problems will be supplemented with the healthcare organization issues. This will enable the professional medical community to participate in the development and implementation of the state policy in this field

Unlike the existing similar events, the Forum will be held in the format of large-scale narrow-themed sections satisfying almost all needs of experts in self-presentation, scientific knowledge exchange, and gaining of new professional competences, establishing cooperation with colleagues, institutes, medical communities, institutions, and public structures.
The Forum is designated to become a unique space for professional communication between Russian and foreign experts engaged in the detection and treatment of infectious diseases throughout the range of respective ICD codes. Its unique character will be reflected both in its content and the very format.
Forum objectives
comprehensive consideration of relevant preventive, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation methods
defining the national pharmaceuticals development and production priorities
discussing the possibility and accessibility of using high technologies in the medical practice
elaborating the strategy for interdisciplinary studies and involvement of experts from related scientific areas
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